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2024 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

By May 22, 2024June 7th, 2024No Comments

As we approach the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane season, experts predict heightened activity, potentially making it one of the most active on record. Projections indicate a staggering 23 storms, with 11 expected to reach hurricane status, and five potentially escalating to Category 3 or higher. This forecast follows the precedent set by the 2023 season, which yielded 20 storms, seven hurricanes, and three Category 3 or higher hurricanes.

As we head into Hurricane season, it is imperative for homeowners to take proactive steps in safeguarding their assets. Some key considerations include:

1. Know Your Coverage:

  • Locate and review your insurance policy thoroughly ensuring your home policy adequately covers hurricane-related damages.

  • Understand your deductibles, exclusions, and coverage limits.

  • Traditional homeowner’s policy does not cover flooding. Ninety percent of all natural disasters include some type of flooding.

  • Proactively take photos or videos of your home’s interior/exterior for any future claims. Be aware of the different notice requirements within your policies.

2.  Prevent Wind and Water Damage to your Property:

  • Install protective barriers like shutters or impact-rated windows.

  • Address any existing leaks in your roof, skylights, and chimneys.

  • Trim trees and remove branches that could pose a threat.

  • Secure outdoor furniture to minimize potential hazards during the storm.

  • Inspect your roof by checking for loose shingles or tiles.

  • Invest in a wind-rated garage door.

  • Invest in a Whole-Home Generator and extra fuel to keep your power on.

3.  Other actionable items to consider include:

  • Create an emergency plan

  • Stock up on supplies

  • Monitor weather forecasts

  • Listen to hurricane evacuation orders

As trusted advisors, NSI emphasizes the importance of checking your insurance coverage before hurricane season. For guidance on insurance and risk management advice, contact our team of seasoned advisors at or visit us online at