NSI classic car insurance protects your passion and most prized possession.

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Your classic car represents your commitment of time and money. Safeguard your investment with classic car insurance.

Why NSI?

Your classic car deserves more than a one-size-fits-all policy. NSI classic car insurance is crafted to meet the distinctive needs of car enthusiasts and collectors like you in the Miami Lakes area. Our policies recognize the true value of your vehicle and provide tailored protection that ordinary auto insurance simply can’t match.

A Step Above the Standard

The heart of NSI’s classic car insurance lies in our commitment to recognizing your vehicle’s true worth. Unlike traditional auto insurance, our classic car policies are based on an agreed value for your car. In the event of a total loss or damage beyond economic repair, you’ll receive the full agreed-upon amount, not just the market cash value at the time of the claim. This means no surprises—just the peace of mind that your investment is fully protected.

  What types of cars are considered classic?

Sometimes called “collector” or “antique” car insurance, classic car policies usually cover cars that are not only of a certain age but have distinctive characteristics such as being particularly rare, including:


  • Antique Cars (45+ Years Old)
  • Classic Cars (20-40 Years Old)
  • Exotic Cars (Rare Vehicles)
  • Modern Collector Cars (Special Editions)
  • Muscle Cars (Modified for Performance)
  • Race Cars (Track Vehicles)
  • Replica Cars (Self-Built Kits)
  • Vintage Cars (Built Before 1925)

Coverage Options

  • Guaranteed Value Coverage: We start by agreeing on the value of your classic car. If disaster strikes, you receive the full agreed value—no depreciation, no haggling.
  • Authentic Parts Guarantee: Your classic car is irreplaceable, and so are its parts. Our policies ensure that if repairs are needed, they’re done with the correct, authentic parts that your vehicle deserves.
  • Flexible Usage: We understand that you want to enjoy your classic car, not just admire it in the garage. NSI offers flexible policy options that cater to how you use your vehicle, whether it’s for weekend drives, car shows, or just occasional outings.
  • Additional Coverage Options: From roadside assistance tailored for classic cars to coverage for spare parts and even trip interruption, NSI has you covered. Customize your policy with additional options that match your lifestyle and usage.

Let’s Get Started

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